Welcome The Time4Justice UK Website

Time4Justice UK would like to welcome you to our website. 

Due to the escalating injustices that we are all now facing within the UK Criminal Justice System Time4Justice UK has been setup to act as a central hub for all the administration teams from the countless Facebook Groups, Associations and Campaign Groups. 

As a central hub we will be able to bring all the administrators together in one place to make sure we are all promoting the same petitions and marches etc and to share what is happening within the criminal justice system to then be able to take this back and share it with our members. 

Until these various injustices affect you or your loved ones you would perhaps know little or nothing about the various injustices that we are each facing and by bringing us all together in one place we hope we are able to enlighten you and your members to all the other injustices that we are facing. 

This cannot be done as a single entity – it requires each of us to work together. The trust that each of us has gained with the members of our individual groups means that any attempt to merge would be fruitless, but independently we can still work towards a set of combined goals. 

Organising a march on Parliament with only a few hundred or even a few thousand doesn’t even get a mention in the newspaper but a march with 10,000 each of us raising awareness for our group would highlight the injustice that is the current criminal justice system. 

Time4Justice UK 
Together it’s Time4Justice.